About Willow


Willow Feller, a humor writer, blogger, speaker, and recovering Pharisee, lives in the woods of North Idaho with her husband, Mike, and none of the six rambunctious kids they managed to raise and sequentially kick out of the nest. The nest-emptying has opened up more writing time for Willow, resulting in the publication of three books and a fourth in the works.

Together, Willow and Mike enjoy all the usual hyphenated Idaho stuff: trail-ambling, huckleberry-picking, firewood-cutting, and grizzly-sparring. They especially delight in time spent with their adorable grandchildren. Willow does not enjoy onion patch weeding, grinding stumps on the eight-acre plot Mike is intent on clearing, or the sound of her own screaming when, while operating a cantankerous tractor, she panics and pulls the hydraulic loader control lever in all the wrong directions, causing said loader to dangle field boulders over her hard-working husband’s head.

Mike doesn’t enjoy that either.  (Now read the backstory about him here.)