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Photo Gallery for "Piety, Pride, and a Cosy of Cures"

Chapter 2, pgs 13-19: A Partial View of Raw Egg Skating

Margarine day, 1991

Zach's curls, then...

...and now:

Chapter 3, pgs 21-26: The Grocery Carts in Our Closets


Page 19 - Pink hair...

...and blue!

This underground photo from 2002 only recently surfaced:

Just beyond the cattle guard on the road leading to our house in Montana.


Chapter 4, pgs 27-31: Hair That Big Should Be Charged For Its Own Seat on a Plane

Bald me with gorgeous-haired

Heather, 1965

Chapter 6, pgs 39-47: Containing More Than Just Toxic Messes


Sorting through the toybox, circa 1990

Chapter 7, pgs 57-62: Shrinking vs. Poofing


Me in 1973--cat eye glasses and all. Gotta love my mom's striped pants.

Chapter 15, pgs 105-109: My Death

Grip on My Church Blanket

A whole lot of comfort goin' on - Irina and Zach in 1991

Chapter 13, pgs 93-98: Churchy OCD: Over-chewing the Law Chaw


Joe "Bud" Feller at work in the 1950's

Grandpa Bud with newborn Gabe Feller in 1994.

Irina the Comfortee becomes Mommy the Comforter to precious Charlotte in 2009. (Bun-Bun the bunny is, sadly, much rattier and stinkier now. He's been through a lot.)

Chapter 22, pgs 151-158: In The Trunks of Our Cars

Zach and Dusty, 1994

Chapter 33, pgs 229-236: Craving Sweet Praise

Chapter 26, pgs 179-186: Gramma's Stretchy Pants


Nick and Great-grandma Lula in 1985


Leaving Grandma's house after Thanksgiving, 1993. Eerily similar to the National Lampoon "Vacation" movie--there's a deer carcass strapped to the top of our old Ford Taurus station wagon.

Cutting up the deer in the kitchen

Chapter 33, pgs 253-257: So Round, So Firm, So Fully-packed

In 1991, little brother Zach was just another

Cabbage Patch doll as far as big sisters

Annika, Alison, and Irina were concerned.

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